MISSION statement

​​​Business & Management Inc.

meaning of The Name!

core values and beliefs

The name 'Glacialis Imbrium' is Latin. The phrase means: "Icy Rain" or "Freezing Rain". 
Glacialis: Icy, Frozen, Full of Ice, Glacial
Imbrium: of rain* 
* from Imber (Genitive Imbris) it refers to ‘rain cloud’ or ‘rainstorm’.

We want to establish ourselves as a 'connector' bridging the gap between Canada and the world markets, especially the Gulf Region (GCC) in the areas of:

  • Raising Capital
  • Agent Rights
  • ​Technology Transfer
  • ​Market Entry

We believe in the saying: 

"Do It Right First Time" 

We are a team of highly educated professionals, ​​and we value 'time' which we believe is the essence of business and management, after all "time is money" and as a currency time is for sure a very precious one.